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Can I bring CBD oil on to an aeroplane?

Can I bring CBD oil on to an aeroplane?The following are the laws in the United Kingdom concerning the use of CBD when flying:

Given that the majority of our users are from the United Kingdom, you may already be aware that purchasing CBD in the United Kingdom is legal, especially given that it is now available in supermarkets and stores across the country. However, the law regarding CBD rides appears to be a little hazy. Because of the nature of the law, the CBD oil you purchase is most likely being sold as a nutritional supplement. Furthermore, because marijuana with less than 0.2 percent THC is not covered by the Drug Abuse Act of 1971 and is thus legal in the UK, the CBD you use will be extracted from marijuana with less than 0.2 percent THC. As a result, given your legal status, you should be able to transport CBD products on domestic flights within the UK as well as international flights to the UK. We recommend, however, that you contact your airline and customs in advance.

International CBD travel:

As previously stated, the simplest solution is to contact your airline and the immigration and customs department of your destination. Having said that, knowing the CBD law ahead of time will be extremely beneficial, especially since not all employees will know the law on CBD.

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